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DW Performance Premier Maintenance Plans


Learn how to take advantage of our great maintenance plans now!

At DW Performance Ltd we understand that peace of mind on the road is of maximum importance. To that end we have developed a top class maintenance plan for qualified vehicles that lets you get on with your life whilst cutting the costs of your performance car care. Read below to see how to qualify for our maintenance plan.

Peace of mind

How to get covered

Find out if you qualify.

  • How do I start?

    Find out how to get started.

    Q: How do I start?

    A: Make an appointment for an inspection.

    Q: What happens then?

    A: We report and give recommendations to any work that may be required or apply the policy.

    Q: Do I have to choose a plan?

    A: We work out the correct plan for you based on your mileage per annum.

  • How payments work

    Find out how plans are paid for.

    Q: How do payments work?

    A: Monthly payment plans can be provided.

    Q: Is there a 12 month option?

    A: For those choosing to pay a full 12 months up front you will receive the 12th month free.

    Q: Are there any discounts?

    A: There is a multi car discount.

What next?

How to use your coverage

  • Whats Next

    Find out whats covered and when.

    Q: When can I purchase your maintenance plan?

    A: After an inspection of your vehicle has been carried out.

    Q: What is covered with the maintenance plan?

    A: When any maintenance work is required on your vehicle, make an appointment with us. When work is complete, all labor costs are covered by your maintenance plan.

  • What is/isn't covered

    Find out what things are not covered.

    Q: What things are not included?

    A: Labor for vehicle upgrades still has to be charged for.

    Q: What things are included?

    A: A service and MOT will be included in the plan.

    Q: What if I have upgrade work and a service?

    A: The service and MOT will be included in the plan.

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